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collage of apparel and accessory items from the bubbs website and featured on the unprocess by tina ferris

Bubbs, still in its beta phase, is a well-curated directory of brands dedicated not only to environmental sustainability, but also to giving back.  Its tagline is “discover brands that do good.”  Just some of the brands include Noonday Collection whose proceeds help place orphans in forever families; International Sanctuary helps train and counsel victims of human trafficking; another great brand includes Proof Eyewear that gives a portion of its profit to those in need of eye surgeries in India.

These are just a few of the brands recommended on the site; I must also say it helps that I find many of the products so appealing.  Bubbs divides the site into sections: “For Her,” “For Him,” “Kids,” “Pets,” and “More.”  I would wear just about any of the items highlighted in the “For Her” section and am quite adorably enamored with several “kids” items for young cousins and friend’s children.  Here are my favorite items from the Bubbs shop; get in on what’s cool while they’re still in the beta phase; this site is going to go big.

Collage reads from the camera strap and moves in a clockwise spiral pattern.

1. Fotostrap in Scarlet

2. Proof Eyewear sunglasses- Bogus Red Bamboo Gray

3. Frank Backpack in brown, white, and green (in love with this color combination!)

4. Ancient Ways Necklace from Noonday Collection

5. Siri Cropped Tank in Earth by WildLife Works

6. Nisolo Roxana Sandal in Pale Honey

7. Canyon Felt Blue hat from Yellow108

8. “Choose Happiness” Wall Art from Fresh Words Market

Oh, and P.S. Happy Birthday to me!

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