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House of Card + B Sides

House of Card structure with twinkly lights and chalkboard written sign also featuring the Genuine Bread Co.

Friday night, Tyler and I scooted up the coast to Santa Barbara to join Georgia Hopkins, the super fun, Australian-born blonde brainshell behind House of Card, a new sustainable design concept she developed after getting the plans from her ex-boyfriend’s father.  As an architect, he developed the blueprints for these as sustainable solutions to disaster relief; made entirely from paper, recycled cardboard, and reclaimed wood pallets and capable of being built in less than two days, they are awesome eco-friendly structures that Georgia wants to bring to the mainstream.

House of Card made its debut at South by Southwest last March, where it served as a structure for a pop-up coffee shop serving LA-based brand Longshot Coffee.  This past Friday, House of Card teamed up with art gallery B-sides for an exhibition event, with libations by we have many surfboards and yummy bread treats from the Genuine Bread Company (that’s Andrew from the company inside serving up deliciously chewy artisan sourdough).  By pairing with such brands, House of Card provides a great platform for sustainable collaborations.  After these eco-friendly pop-ups, Georgia plans to donate them to non-profit agencies that can make use of it in the sustainable future (these structures are not shoddy; in fact, far from it.  A man from Melbourne lived in one for over two years!

tina of the unprocess listening while georgia of house of card speaks about her sustainable design

Georgia and I engaged in intense conversation.

b-sides invitation to house of card pop-up

The B-sides invitation.

libation bar at bsides with house of card cocktails by we have many surfboards

The libation corner by the two guys at we have many surfboards.

house of card front porch with adesso jewelry wreath and andrew from the genuine bread co serving bread from inside

There is really no limit to the possibilities inherent in the House of Card concept.  It’s a great way to bring together like-minded people and brands; it could be used at festivals, conferences, wildlife events (sustainable glamping anyone?)  And Georgia even told me earlier on that day, she’d visited Adesso, a nearby atelerie carrying artisanal goods and other brands that give back.  Jenn, the creator of that beautiful woolen pompom wreath, just loaned the cute wreath and vintage turquoise cart to beautify the House of Card “front porch.”  Guess what?  I went there the very next day and bought that adorable wreath straight from Jenn, the lady who made them.  This kind of connection between buyer and seller rarely occurs in such an organic and sincere way.  I’m pretty sure Jenn was certain of my appreciation; I told her how much I loved the wreath and her store at least 50 times.

tina ferris of the unprocess and georgia hopkins for house of card posing for the camera in black and white

house of card house by georgia

I’m beyond excited to see where House of Card goes.  And from how much fun I had talking to Georgia that night, maybe we’ll be working together again at a House of Card near you!

Photographs by Tyler Jennings

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